The Day Parade and the Night Parade are Different so Make Sure You See Both

The day parade and the night parade are two totally different parades, so try to catch each one at least once!

If you’re like me and not a show person, you could probably care less about the parades. Or really, you like the parades because it means people cram the streets thus leaving all the wonderful, wonderful rides line-less so you can enjoy them. However, the parades are a great chance to see characters you don’t normally see roaming the parks and some of them can even be really moving and inspiring, so I recommend checking them out at least once. I was a huge fan of Spectromagic, and I love the Main Street Electrical Parade because I remember seeing it when I was like five years old, so the night parades are usually must-sees for me. ┬áThe earlier ones, then I go ride rides during the late. The day parades I find to be hit or miss, but they usually have some sort of interesting theme and since it’s daylight, you get to see the details on the floats and the character costumes-and have the best chance for eye contact and waves with the characters! So just make sure to remember that the day parade and the night parade are two totally different things and catch each at least once to see which you like best!